ActiveImage Protector™ is an image-based backup and recovery solution that supports a variety of physical and virtual Windows and Linux environments. It uses the latest technology to backup your entire hard disk – including the operating system, your applications, configured settings, and data files.

This solution is made to provide a fast and successful recovery. In an event of a hardware failure of your backup source machine, ActiveImage Protector™ can help you restore the system to a different physical machine or a virtual machine seamlessly.

What Can the Server Edition Do?

Ensure Full-state Recovery thru Image-based Backup

ActiveImage Protector™ backs up and quickly restores your entire machine – from operating systems, unique settings, files, applications, and access into a single image file. This ensures you that in an event of a hardware failure, not only will you make a complete recovery but also have the option to restore it to a different physical or virtual machine.

Bootability Check thru BootCheck™

BootCheck™ provides confidence that your backup images are bootable from local or remote Hyper-V hosts. BootCheck™ confirms bootability of a virtual machine directly from a backup image file.

Image Files Are Accessible via iSCSI

ActiveImage Protector™ utilizes iSCSI to serve backup iSCSI targets to any local or remote iSCSI initiator for mounting backup images as local disks. Now, not only will you provide a method to recover files and folders from a backup, but also give immediate booting of a backup image attached to a virtual machine. Additionally, using VMware vMotion streamlines the recovery process by migrating live virtual machines booted from the iSCSI disk to a hypervisor in a production environment.

Manage Everything Thru ActiveVisor™

ActiveVisor™ enables you to monitor and manage every aspect of ActiveImage Protector™. By collecting information from distributed agents over the network, ActiveVisor™ provides a visual representation of the overall system protection, sends email notifications of client backup status, monitors storage space availability of devices, and administers deployment of agents, schedules, and tasks. System administrators save time, and reduce costs by managing ActiveImage Protector™ agent settings providing peace of mind that continuous and reliable backups are performed.

Save Storage Space with IDDC and Smart Sector Technology

The Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) feature simultaneously compresses data and eliminates duplicate files. It also has no impact on backup time and does not require any deduplication hardware or additional software purchase. ActiveImage Protector™ also has Smart Sector™ technology which only backs up the used sectors on a disk – resulting in faster backup and smaller backup files.

Instant Image Boot Backup Using HyperBoot™

Through real-time virtual conversion technology, HyperBoot™ bypasses the lengthy physical to virtual conversion process; and boots the backup as a virtual machine in minimal time. Any changes made while the virtual machine is running from a backup are also saved as differential files.

Faster Recovery with Windows PE and Linux-based Environments

Perform faster disaster recovery and cold back-ups with ActiveImage Protector’s™ Windows PE and Linux based boot environments (AIPBE). The Windows PE based boot environment builder utilizes Microsoft ADK or AIK, and Linux CentOS.

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