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Experience Limitless Cybersecurity with SonicWall

Advanced threat protection through boundless, next-gen firewall solutions for SMEs to global enterprises

SonicWall is hailed as the market-leader “Boundless Cybersecurity”. SonicWall empowers you to move away from constrained security approaches to modern, unbound, and cost-effective protection that you can trust. Among its extensive line of security solutions and services, SonicWall’s Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is considered as one of the best among the industry.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, working at home or through the cloud, you need unparalleled protection. Therefore, SonicWall offers NGFW that gives you the security, control, and visibility you need to maintain a foolproof cybersecurity posture. It boasts an award-winning hardware advanced technology which are built into each series – giving you the winning edge against evolving threats.

SonicWall covers any network size and is designed to meet your specific security and usability needs without breaking the bank.

Choose SonicWall’s Next-Gen Firewall Solution Today

SonicWall has been in the industry for decades. For this reason, it’s also the top choice of IT and Security professionals. But what makes it the best?

Find the Right Firewall for Your Requirements and Business Size

Regardless if you’re a small business, a fast-growing organization, or even a large corporation, SonicWall has a firewall solution for you. What’s more, no matter what your work environment is – on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid – its NGFW can protect you.

SMEs and Branches

Protect your growing business or branch locations from unprecedented intrusions and malware attacks with an integrated firewall solution designed to deliver enterprise-grade security without the cost or setup complexity.

Mid-sized Enterprises

Defeat advanced threats thru an advanced firewall solution built for the needs of your business. SonicWall’s Network Security appliance (NSa) Mid-Range Firewall is designed specifically for businesses of 250 users and up.

Large Enterprises

Experience next-level threat protection in a budget-friendly price with SonicWall’s Network Security services platform (NSsp) High-End Firewall series. It is specially designed for large enterprises, data centers, and service providers.

Virtual Environments

Get the scalability and agility of the cloud with the security advantages of a physical firewall. The NSv Series is designed to protect your cloud environments from resource misuse attacks, cross-virtual machine attacks, and more.

See How SonicWall’s NGFW Can Protect You

With solutions designed for networks of all sizes, SonicWall firewalls are designed to meet your specific security and usability needs. Therefore, here are the key features of SonicWall’s top-notch firewall.


SSL/TSL Decryption and Inspection

Leverage industry-leading decryption and inspection of TLS/SSL-encrypted traffic in real time, along with TLS 1.3 support.
Transfer Data

Cloud-based and On-Premise Centralized Management

Gain greater visibility into your enterprise even as it becomes more complex on- and off-prem. Bring your firewalls into a single-pane-of-glass management, licensing, reporting and analytics.
Broweser Protection

Integrated Security Solution

Choose optional PoE and Wi-Fi options with deep integration of SonicOS operating system to deliver an integrated gateway security solution.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce costs with budget-friendly pricing for a leading-edge hardware and software intelligence in a high-performance platform, so you can focus on your bottom line instead of the cost of securing it.
Digital Security

Superior Performance and Features

Get advanced threat protection at lightning speeds without compromising on performance. The latest generation of SonicWall firewalls offer expandable storage, redundant power, SonicExpress App onboarding, and more.

High Performance

Get more from your investment as your connection requirements grow. It can process several million simultaneous encrypted and unencrypted connections with unparalleled threat prevention technology.
Data Security

High Port Density

Deploy next generation firewalls that are designed for mid-size and distributed enterprises to deliver much needed multi-gigabit threat prevention performance while providing high port density including 10 GbE ports for flexible network connectivity.

Unified Policy for Modern Enterprises

Allow administrators to combine Layer 3 to Layer 7 access and security rules into a single policy to reduce rule management overhead. Intuitive policy creation and visual workflow reduce configuration errors and deployment time for a better overall security posture.
Internet Networking

Wireless Controller

Implement high-speed wireless security by combining your SonicWall firewall with a SonicWall SonicWave wireless access point. Both feature 2.5 GbE ports that enable multi-gigabit wireless throughput offered in Wave 2 wireless technology.

Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™)

Proactively detect and block unknown malware via deep memory inspection with Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™). This is a revolutionary approach to defend against zero-day and side-channel attacks and other unrecognized threats.

Multi-Instance Firewall

Take a modern approach to legacy multi-tenancy with Multi-Instance using containerized architecture. Run multiple independent firewall instances, software versions, and configurations on the same hardware without managing multiple appliances.

SonicWall NetExtender for Remote Workers

Have an intuitive SSL-VPN connection client that’s easy to deploy and configure thru SonicWall NetExtender. Easily provide your remote workers with secure access to your corporate network from Linux, Mac and Windows devices.

SD-WAN and Zero-Touch Deployment Capabilities

Leave MPLs behind for a more agile and cost-effective network optimized for today’s broadband-driven, cloud-infused landscape. Secure SD-WAN technology is built-in, so there’s no need for additional licenses. You can also scale quickly with Zero-Touch Deployment capabilities.
Data Cloud

Scalability and Availability

Keep your business up and safe from threats with redundant power supplies, fans, and a built-in storage module to store logs, reports, firmware backup files, and more. You will also have multiple configuration options and can easily build a security perimeter that will grow with you.
Search Bug

Threat Intelligence

Benefit from SonicWall’s Capture Labs Threat Research team who gathers, analyzes, and vets information around the clock. With more than one million security sensors spread over more than 200 countries, SonicWall delivers up-to-date threat intelligence so decisions can be rendered in nanoseconds.

Download the Datasheets of Each SonicWall Series

Here are the datasheets for each SonicWall NGFW Series to help you decide which product is the best for you. From the SonicOS Series to the TZ Series, NSa Series, NSsp Series, and NSv Series.


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