RDX Tandberg Data

Considered as experts in understanding and creating solutions for data lifecycle management, security, and mobility, Overland Tandberg has served small to large enterprises in over 90 countries, including the Philippines, for the last 39 years and counting.

Its company brand portfolio offers a full range of unified data management, archiving, and data protection solutions for organizations like you. Overland Tandberg’s proprietary brand, RDX, features a kind of enterprise-grade technology that protects you from online threats like malware, crypto-currencies compute theft, and more. This powerful brand has a long list of clients in different industries – from financial services, video surveillance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, broadcasting, research & development, government, and many others.

With RDX Tandberg Data, you can keep on running your business safely even if a system failure occurs, disasters happen, power outages, or an egregious attempt like ransomware tries to exploit your business data.

Here are RDX Tandberg Data’s different data management tools for your growing business:

LTO Tape

QuikStor Cartridge

QuikStor Drive

RDX QuikStation 4

RDX QuikStation 8

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