The Overland-Tandberg RDX QuikStor Cartridge is ideal for backup, restore and long-term archiving tasks. It is an affordable solution with capacities from 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB to 5TB. RDX media fits perfect in every individual environment.


RDX QuikStor


Learn how data backup and archiving is as easy as 1-2-3 with RDX QuikStor devices.

Why QuikStor Cartridge?

Fast Incremental Backup

A 10-year archival life and unlimited compatibility of drive- and media-generations are the best prerequisite for long term archiving of your data, like customer records, financial files or business documents, but also videos, photos or music.

For Backup and Recovery

If used as a backup and recovery device, as a rule of thumb, the capacity of RDX media chosen should be at least double the size of the capacity of data to be backed up. This includes the assumption of implementing an incremental backup strategy or using deduplication. RDX QuikStor Cartridge is supported by all major backup software vendors.

For Data Moving

RDX QuikStor Cartridge is also best for storing, sharing and moving all business data. The rugged cartridge design makes it easy to distribute data by regular post or courier services from one office to the other.


Rugged, Reliable, Robust

RDX QuikStor Cartridge is drop protected and resists a fall from 1 meter to concrete floor – ensuring safe and secure shipping and transportation. It is ideal for just in rough environments like dust, dirt or humidity. It is electrostatic proof, therefore, ejection from the drive won’t harm the electronic components of the media. Internal RDX drives are also protected against vibrations, so RDX can be integrated into servers with multiple hard disks and vents.

High-quality Standards and Business-grade Selection Processes

Each new media passed qualification testing. Drop tests, vibration tests and climate tests are performed to ensure high quality and longevity. RDX media is specified for 5,000 load/unload cycles, providing years of daily use. So every time, a new capacity is introduced, these media have to pass these tests first to ensure the known and appreciated reliability on RDX.

Full forward and backward compatibility

The RDX QuikStor Cartridge solution is fully backward and forward compatible, so you protect your investment in both the drive and the media. All media versions are readable and writable in all drive versions. So even the first media which was introduced 2006 is still usable in the current drives and vice versa.

Easy and unsophisticated handling

RDX QuikStor Cartridge is keyed to prevent from inserting it into the drive in a wrong direction, which may cause damage to the media. Because of its rugged design, there is no special care necessary. Unlike tape, there is no need to watch out special areas of the media like the tape material or mechanical parts.

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