VStandby is an add-on module to ActiveImage Protector which ensures continued data protection for your mission-critical servers. It provides a revolutionary new “Instant Recoverability” technology which offers users a better alternative.

You can choose which data storage needs added security, and create standby virtual machines in case of disasters, for vStandby AIP™ works perfectly fine with ActiveImage Protector and can be installed on any machine on the network.

This add-on module works by instantly starting-up your standby virtual machines in minutes – avoiding prolonged downtime due to lengthy restoration process. vStandby AIP™ offers you added flexibility & performance, instant availability for Windows and Linux source machines, little to no downtime, multiple recovery points, non-intrusive boot-testing, and more.

What Can vStandby AIP™ Do?

Create virtualized VMDK/VHDX Files on Storage Server

When Storage Server is selected as the target host, virtualized VMDK/VHDX files are created in a shared folder instead of as a standby virtual machine.

Create Virtual Standby Machines

vStandby AIP uses ActiveImage Protector backup image files to create a bootable, disaster-ready standby virtual machine; which is prepared for immediate switch-over for instant availability. It also offers instant recovery solution with support for Hyper-V and VMware vSphere Hypervisors.

Schedule Creation of Standby Virtual Machines

Keep your standby VMs up-to-date along with incremental backup files. You can also schedule recurring incremental backups for the source machine – creating boot points for your standby virtual machines.

Immediately Verify that a Backup Image from ActiveImage Protector is Ready to Boot up

Standby AIP™ verifies that a crashed system is bootable based from the backup image without the time-consuming process of restoration. In an event of a system failure, you can be sure that instant system recovery are just a few clicks away.

Fast Recovery with Instant Start up Using a Standby Virtual Machine

Instantly starting up a standby virtual machine enables you to experience immediate recovery and guaranteed business continuity. vStandby AIP bypasses lengthy P2V conversion and restoration by creating a bootable standby virtual machine originated from backup image files offering a true disaster recovery solution.

Create Standby Virtual Replica Machines Off-site Using Replicated Backup Image Files

Actiphy’s ImageCenter™, a free replication and consolidation tool for ActiveImage Protector™, allows you to replicate backup image files to either local or remote destinations, and create a standby virtual machine at a remote off-site location.

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