Established in 2001, Axigen focuses on the development and innovation of email and messaging solutions for business, services providers, and customers alike.

Axigen is an all-in-one collaboration platform which features functionalities to keep your business in-sync and connected. It is a secure and integrated messaging platform made for small businesses and large service providers.

Why Choose Axigen?

Effortless Management and Administration

With web-based administration front-end, set-up is a breeze and maintenance simple & straightforward. Configure service specific parameters through Axigen's comprehensive Web Administration interface designed for optimized navigability, with quick links & contextual help.

Calendaring & Collaboration

Keep your business organized with effective time management tools such as personal and public calendars and tasks & notes which lets you schedule meetings and be in-sync seamlessly. You can also assign dedicated public folders for your teams, share contacts, appointments, and more.

Powerful Business Mail Server

Get fast and secure email communication via Axigen’s own technology – Axigen SmartProcessing™ and Axigen GrowSecure™ – while ensuring effective space management with Axigen UltraStorage™. It is also adapted to work the way you do for it is available on both Windows & Linux OS and all backed-up by efficient 24x7 technical support.

Extensive Security Features

The Axigen business mail server guarantees secure reception, transit & delivery of email; protecting your confidential data with an extensive set of defensive tools, which includes: Authentication & Encryption, Multi-layer Access Control, SPF & DomainKeys Compliance, Blacklisting / Whitelisting / Greylisting, Country Filtering, DNS Checks & Blacklists, Identity Confirmation System, Message Acceptance/Sending Policies, and Anti-Impersonation & Password Expiration Policies. You can also integrate any commercial anti-virus and anti-spam apps to Axigen.

Local & Remote Access

Communicate using Outlook through the Outlook Connector, including offline work, advanced search & filters, etc. You can also access your webmail account from your mobile device to check emails, compose/delete messages, set permissions on folders and much more. You can also send and receive emails from other popular POP3/IMAP email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail.

Axigen Business Messaging Plans

Axigen Business Core

The basic plan where you can choose your add-on.

Axigen Business Complete

The all-inclusive package – everything you need is here.

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