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Top Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing Tool – That’s SecPoint® Penetrator™

Prevent hackers from entering and exploiting the weak spots in your servers and systems

SecPoint® Penetrator™ is a vulnerability scanning and penetration testing appliance that reveals any weak spots in your systems and allows you to simulate how a hacker would exploit these vulnerabilities. It also comes pre-loaded and ready-to-go with all sorts of invaluable penetration testing features that no administrator can do without.

Apart from its ability to empower your IT teams, SecPoint® Penetrator™ also generates accurate reports which should help strengthen your security measures against online outlaws, virtual villains, cyber criminals, techno terrorists, and other nefarious elements of the Worldwide Web at large.

It’s the #1 Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) solution which has all the data and customer location privacy and second-generation advanced AI & machine learning.

Acquire Your Key to Better Security Management

SecPoint® is trusted by thousands of security professionals. It’s considered as one of the pioneers in preventing automated hacking tools inflict damage to your infrastructure. Here are the reasons why they choose it:

Vulnerability Scanning Features

Pre-Loaded Penetration Testing Features

Scanning of Specific Ports

Flexible and Scalable

Wi-Fi Auditing

Automatic Web Crawling

CMS Vulnerabilities Scanning

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

SQL Injection and Blind SQL Injection

Centralized Reporting and Data Storage

Multi-User Support

Scheduled Scanning & Alerts

Onboard Firewall Security

Integrated Control

Discover Vulnerabilities, Simulate Attacks, and Be One Step Ahead with These Key Features

Empower your IT and Security Teams to outsmart cybercriminals and stay one step ahead of their exploits with a fully featured VAPT tool.

Search Bug

Scans Any Operating System or Network Device

SecPoint® Penetrator™ is designed to scan any operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc) or network device. This enables you to find and rectify any identified vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit these weak spots to enter your system.
Network Laptop

Expansive Distributed Penetrator™ Capabilities

You can connect multiple Penetrators in a distributed network. This allows centralized reporting, vulnerability assessment, update point, and more. You can also scan different locations from a master Penetrator even if it’s located in another city.

Effective Launch of Real Exploits and DDoS Attacks

With this solution, your security team can launch real exploits to verify that an identified vulnerability is exploitable and how can it be done. It is also possible to launch real Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to test preproduction systems for stability.

Identifies 108,000+ Vulnerabilities

The Penetrator™ vulnerability database consists of continued research & development since 1998. The database has a total of more than 108,000 unique remote vulnerabilities to scan for. The database is updated multiple times daily.

Supports Multi-User Support for Privacy

This VAPT tool supports multi-user login which is advantageous since your IT team could use this to create different accounts with different targets to scan or resold as a Software-as-a-Service to your own customers.

Allows Blind SQL Injection & Web Shells

Lethal Attack technology uses advanced blind SQL Injection, Remote Code Execution, upload vulnerabilities, data leak detection & Web Shells Detection. This helps your organization prevent even the most advanced attacks.
Report Computer

Generates Professional

Reports can be customized and are available as XML, PDF or HTML files. System vulnerabilities are categorized together with its solutions. The report also gives a conclusion as to the overall security level of the scanned system.

See the Difference Between SecPoint® Penetrator™ Models

Specifications SecPoint Penetrator
59-4-32 IPs
SecPoint Penetrator
59-8-64 IPs
SecPoint Penetrator
59-128-256 IPs
SecPoint Penetrator
59-512-2048 IPs
Height Small Form Factor (SFF) 1U Rackmount
Weight SFF without packaging: 2.5 kg
SFF with packaging: 3.5 kg
1U without packaging: 6.5 kg
1U with packaging: 8.5 kg
1U without packaging: 6.5 kg
1U with packaging: 8.5 kg
Power Supply 60w AC/DC 100-240V 250w AC/DC 100-240V
Environment Temperatures Operating -20°C to 50°C
Storage: -40°C to 70°C
64 Bit Platform
SSD Included
Network Ports 4x 10/100/1000 Mbit 6x 10/100/1000 Mbit
108.000 Vulnerabilities
Launch Real Exploits
& Denial of Service
Allowed to Change IP Addresses
Distributed Vulnerabilities
Automated database
and software updates


Penetrator is a complete Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning Suite. Portable Penetrator can scan any IP over a Wired Network for vulnerabilities. The system scans and searches for over 50,000 types of vulnerabilities literally on any IP address. Further you can Launch Real Exploits in order to check how secure your network is. Penetrator is available as an Appliance as well as a Software which runs over VMWare.

Yes, it can be easily done through the interface.

Yes, you can easily schedule a scan using it’s online interface. So the scan will initiate at your specified time. You can also instruct the system to send you an E-Mail as soon as a new vulnerability is found while scanning.

Yes, Basically it’s the same software. So every features remains the same.

Yes, some people prefer Software over an Appliance and some people prefer Appliance over a Software. When you get the appliance you just need to connect the Network cables, Plug on the system and you are done. Whereas on VMWare software you have to install, config the systems, have to get some hardware for the network cables, etc. So it’s all about what is your preference. The features, interface, etc remains the same.

Correct. That’s the reason we have designed Penetrator in such a way that it does not kill or harm the network. So it scans using failsafe procedure and is completely safe to use.

According to wikipedia, “A SQL injection is often used to attack the security of a website by inputting SQL statements in a web form to get a badly designed website to perform operations on the database (often to dump the database content to the attacker) other than the usual operations as intended by the designer. SQL injection is a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability in a website’s software.”

First of all it identifies, then it does a Trace Route, Check DNS, Then it does a Port Scan, then it does attacks. It does over 50,000 checks.

Yes you can easily do distributed scanning.
For example scan a system in another country.
You can also easily set centralized update point. 

It means how many concurrent scans at the same time can run.
So a 8 IP license can run 8 scans at a time. 

Yes, it checks more than 50.000 vulnerabilities and audits firewalls, routers, voip, windows, linux, macOS, and more. 

Yes you can easily setup the schedule to run daily , weekly, monthly scans.

It means that you can launch an exploit if the target system is vulnerable.
Then you can get administrator or root access on the target system fully compromising it.

Yes it does full vulnerability assessment. You will get automtaic updates to the latest software version. If you have a question you are welcome to mail us or click our live chat. It will show you how it is breaking the Wifi network and once it has cracked it then it will show you the password and how it was done. More points: WPA Crack Portable Penetrator Wifi Password Finder Software Map a Wireless Network and see associated clients and Access Points 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz support Frequency ranges: 802.11 a/b/g/n Online Software Download Easy to install User friendly Interface Automated SSID Discovery Scans 1-14 Channels WPA Crack Clear Solutions how to Secure your Wifi. WPA Crack – wifi password cracker Wifi Password Crack Vulnerability Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment. User Friendly and easy to install. Run VMware from Windows, Apple Mac or Linux. Wifi crack – WPA2 crack – Wepcrack. Crack wifi – WPA2 cracking – Vulnerability scan. 1 Billion cracking entries. How to hack wifi – Recover wifi password Then you get a user friendly easy to follow step by step explanation on how to secure your wifi networks. Secure your network by doing wifi crack wpa2 crack wepcrack crack wifi Wpa2 cracking Vulnerability scan. You can Wpa Crack Wifi Password Crack your wifi network to secure it.. Portable Penetrator also comes with Vulnerability Scanning capability that allows you to go from network to network and scan all the IP addresses for vulnerabilities. Wireless Security Assessment Tool. Secure your wifi network by doing wifi crack wpa2 cracking and wepcrack . Portable Penetrator can be applied in any network to do full vulnerability scanning, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and wifi wep wpa and wpa2 cracking. It is very userfriendly and includes support. You are allowed to change the IP addresses on your license.

Specifications / System Requirements

Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac os X via VMware Player software

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