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Given how sophisticated cybersecurity threats have become, a lot of organizations are now paying more attention to ensure the safety of their data. They buy an anti-virus solution from one vendor, a firewall on a different one, and invest in a totally separate system for managing access permissions – but what if you can have a centralized approach to all of this?

Introducing Easy NAC, a simple and affordable Network Access Control (NAC) solution that automatically discovers devices, profiles them, and gives you total access to your network. It uses a unique technology which requires no network changes or agents – although you can opt for one. You can deploy Easy NAC with ease to one site or to a thousand without compromising your compliance to the latest data privacy regulations.




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What Can Easy NAC Let You Do?

Take Your Security to the Next Level

Quickly Deploy and Secure

Control Every Aspect of your Network and Devices


Access Control

Easy NAC uses ARP to restrict access to your network by default. It is an out-of-band enforcement method that’s part of the Internet Protocol v4 which requires no network changes. It is compatible with all network equipment and endpoint devices and provides layer 2 visibility, protection, and access control on the subnets that it connects to.

Role-based Access

Easy NAC enhances security by limiting devices to only the resources required. Guests are limited to internet only access. BYOD and consultant devices can be limited to specific resources.


Easy NAC uses a combination of network monitoring and orchestration with third party software and services to learn and track devices without agents. It protects and automatically profiles devices using both passive and proactive methods. The information is collected using low level network protocols like ARP and DHCP, as well as application level protocols.

Simple LAN/WLAN Protection

It is easy to control which devices are allowed to access the network. Unknown devices and rogue infrastructure that joins the network will immediately be detected and automatically restricted in real-time. Devices can be allowed access with simple ON/OFF controls or policies can be set for automated access.

Enforce Anti-Virus and Security Policies

Easy NAC integrates with enterprise Anti-Virus vendors and leading endpoint management solutions to verify that your endpoint security is active and up-to-date. By integrating with leading security solutions, Easy NAC can enforce compliance with security policies, and devices out-of-compliance can be restricted at the point of network access.

Automated Threat Response

Security appliances that are designed to monitor devices and network traffic can send event-based alerts for administrative action. Easy NAC can receive event-based syslog messages from all types for security devices and take immediate action when necessary. If Easy NAC receives an alert that a device has malware, you can restrict it immediately.

BYOD Registration

You can provide a self-registration portal to automate the BYOD registration process. Policies can be set, by groups, to limit the number and type of BYOD devices. It improves security by tracking device ownership, restricting the locations, and limiting network access.

Endpoint Integration

Easy NAC integrates with Active Directory and supports many third-party software integrations. Some of the more common ones are shown below, but please inquire for an updated list or for a specific integration.

Guest Access

Allow sponsors to register guest accounts or authorize guests to create their own accounts via the landing page. Sponsors can authorize individual registrations or register groups for classes or meetings with configurable expiration times.

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