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Meet the experts of the IPSYSTEMS family.

"IPSYSTEMS Inc is a company founded on purpose."

“Our company founder and my father, Mr. Arnaldo Glen Celis, had always said that one of the best ways to help build up our country was to create jobs. When we started in 2007, it became our primary purpose to provide opportunities, livelihood and growth for our employees and their families.

Over the years and as the company grew its size and its client base, it became clear that we were capable of doing more. It has become my personal belief that an organization, regardless of size, should always work towards a cause beyond simply creating profit.

Today, after almost 15 years in the industry, we’re still a very purpose-driven company. Our vision statement – To be the thought leader in the Philippine market on cybersecurity and to be a positive enabler of change in the IT industry – speaks volume of our WHY in business. The local IT industry, with its great potential to help build our nation, is being used to engage in unethical practices that rob our country’s resources. At IPSYSTEMS, our goal is to disrupt the status quo and to create much-needed positive change through honest work, with the ability to firmly say “No” where needed.

It is our hope to inspire other businesses in the industry to do the same.

I would like to personally thank you for your time and interest in our company. We continue to welcome opportunities that will allow us to be purpose-driven in all of our transactions with our employees, business partners, customers, and like-minded friends in the Philippine IT industry.”

Patricia Celis, Managing Director



Josh Logro

General Manager


Malou Evangelista

Sales Supervisor


Merlan Lalican

Sales Administrator


Niña Deluria

Sales Administrator


Eman Macatangay

Technical Solutions Engineer​


Emman Aleman

Technical Solutions Engineer


Jonel Balde

Technical Manager


Roniel Latuna

IT Support Engineer


Joseph Carrillo

IT Service Manager


Jimwell Panganiban

IT Support Engineer​


Rommel Matandac Jr.

IT Support Engineer


Bianca Fermiza

Digital Marketing Specialist

Gelo Magtibay

Gelo Magtibay

Graphic Designer

Rey Totoy

Rey Totoy

HR Manager


Honey Love Samson

Channel Specialist