ActiveImage Protector

Founded in 1996 with the vision of adapting, innovating, and introducing data protection & utility software solutions, Actiphy champions image-based backups due to its reliability, robustness, and efficiency compared to conventional backup methods. Due to this, they developed their own flagship Backup and Disaster Recovery brand – ActiveImage Protector or AIP.

We are now in the age of digital transformation and data is the new currency, which is why it’s always under threat. AIP knows that now, more than ever, it’s absolutely crucial for businesses here in the Philippines to protect their data against loss, hardware failure, or ransomware attacks. ActiveImage Protector boasts a suite of products that assures you that not even a single file will be lost or left out during backup and recovery.

Here are the following solutions under the ActiveImage Protector brand:

Cluster Edition

Desktop Edition

Server Edition

Virtual Edition

Server for RDX

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