Learning in the 21st century classroom has totally leveled-up. With the help of technology, lessons have become more interactive and engaging both for students and teachers. However, employing technology comes with its own challenges, especially to those who are used to the traditional way of teaching.

With Faronics Insight, managing your classroom is easier than ever. You can keep your students engaged through the broadcasting and sharing features, have one-on-one conversations without disrupting the rest of the class with the built-in chat, and plan the perfect learning pace with the testing and voting features to help you gauge student understanding.

It also has a Teacher Console which enables you to eliminate distractions from surfing the web to online gaming. You will also have the ability to rotate through student screens and project them in front of the class. Faronics Insight also has a handy Tech Console for IT Administrators, so you can provide remote support to teachers and students alike. It’s loaded with basic desktop management features to schedule tasks remotely, monitor security risks, keep PCs up to date, report on technology usage, and even control Faronics Deep Freeze if you have one installed.




Discover how this Classroom Management Software enables teachers and students to make every discussion engaging.

Why Teach with Faronics Insight?

Enable Your IT to Manage Everything

Eliminate the headache of managing multiple labs, schools, and networks through Faronics’ Central Management function.

Monitor Student Activity

Use the classroom monitoring feature to see what your students are up to.

Promote Student Collaboration

Communicate in new ways through audio, chat, or broadcast features.

Accelerate Student Learning

Allow students to request and receive help directly into their device.

Advance Through Technology without Complexity

Minimize your learning curve because Faronics Insight is designed with instructors in mind.

Enhance Knowledge-sharing

Share screens to show your pupils how things should be done.

Key Technical Advantages

Works with Subnets and VLANS

Insight functions across subnets and VLANs using Multicast and Directed Broadcast technology. Port 796 is the only port required.

Unbeatable Support Policy

Insight comes with free telephone and e-mail support.

Low Processor and Memory Requirements

Insight only requires about 4% of the processor and 8 MB of memory on the client.

Low Network Bandwidth

Insight requires between 5% and 20% of the bandwidth used by the competition. While showing the teacher’s screen, Insight uses around 24 KB/sec. Monitoring thumbnails requires less than 10 KB/sec. Because Insight uses a broadcast or multicast packet, the bandwidth required for controlling two computers is close to that required by 250 computers.

Reliability and Security

Insight thwarts attempts by students to disrupt the class by disabling the software. Insight students will re-join the session if the network is unplugged, the service will re-start automatically, and registry keys are protected from change. There is also a “secure” version of Insight that requires teachers to enter a password to open the console.

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