Faronics offers one of the best solutions for workstation management, classroom management, and the world-renowned Reboot-to-Restore technology. Founded in 1996 at Vancouver, British Columbia. It delivers solutions that help organizations manage, simplify, and secure multi-user computing environments. Faronics’ suite of products enables your IT team to ensure 100% workstation availability, while minimizing the need for tedious technical support due to software issues.

Its extensive line of solutions is led by Faronics Deep Freeze which reduces your IT costs by preserving your desired computer configurations. Another tool that they have launched is Faronics Anti-Executable which helps prevent unauthorized software from launching. They also have applications for classroom management called Faronics Insight. It empowers educators to have total control over classroom computers – guaranteeing that every pupil is focused on the lesson at hand. Whereas Faronics WINSelect empowers your IT administrators to customize their access to specific applications, websites, programs, and menu options. Lastly, Faronics Deploy enables your technical team to deploy applications, Windows updates, and operating systems swiftly with real-time updates.

Currently, Faronics is serving millions of businesses in over 150 countries including the Philippines. Its technology innovations cater to different industries such as: educational institutions, healthcare facilities, libraries, government organizations, and privately held corporations to mention a few.

Deep Freeze



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