Launched in 2005, TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable businesses like yours to thrive in the coming years by giving you a cutting-edge remote access, remote control and remote support solution.

TeamViewer lets you remote in to computers or mobile devices located in anywhere and use it as if you were there physically – just install TeamViewer on both devices that needs work, then enter your connection partner’s ID and password. It works with almost every desktop and mobile platform – including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Moreover, you can remotely connect to servers, commercial-grade machines, and IoT devices at any time through TeamViewer’s secure global remote access network.




Watch how the world's leading platform in remote access & support can further provide you with the means to offer exceptional customer service.

Why Choose TeamViewer?


It is protected by end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, uses two-factor authentication, and other industry-grade security features. It is also certified according to SOC2, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO 9001:2015, and complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).<

Wide Device & Platform Compatibility

It outperforms competitors by having the highest total combined coverage to 127 manufacturers for mobile devices, operating systems, and IoT devices on the market today.

High-quality Performance

TeamViewer has engaged in Qualitest – a world-leading, independent quality assurance company – and the result has proven the platform’s technical performance against other solutions.


Instant Remote Support to Customers and Employees

Instead of making on-site service calls that consume time and increase costs, opt for the more convenient choice which enables your team to immediately solve your clients or employees’ concerns.

Support Mobile Devices – Anytime, Anywhere

Access, manage, and support mobile and commercial-grade devices by setting-up a permanent unattended remote access to mobile devices, computers, servers, IoT devices, Point-of-Sale (POS) machines, kiosks, or digital signages.

Access Devices Anywhere – or Work from Home

If you’re working from home or away on a business trip, you can still stay productive no matter where you are. With TeamViewer’s remote access tools, your desktop files and applications are just a few clicks away. Even mobile devices and servers can be securely accessed — all without VPN.

TeamViewer Plans

TeamViewer Business License

TeamViewer Premium License

TeamViewer Corporate License

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